Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink
Mr. Pink was an 18th century London tailor who designed the iconic hunting coat.The coat was made of scarlet cloth but was always referred to as PINK in honour of its originator. Scrupulous attention to detail, exclusive fabric and exquisite craftsmanship were the hallmarks of a PINK coat.

Today, Thomas Pink carries on the name and tradition of Mr. Pink, crafting shirts and tailoring which enshrine the British heritage of the iconic PINK coat.
Part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey group, Thomas Pink has more than 100 stores worldwide with flagship stores on London's Jermyn Street, Rue Francois Premier, Paris and Madison Avenue, New York.

Rooted in Jermyn Street, Thomas Pink combines tradition and modernity with a resolutely forward design sensibility, always striving to innovate.  Renowned for shirt making, Thomas Pink also carries a full range of menswear from tailoring and ties to accessories including boxers and braces.

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