Vented London

Vented London

Vented London pay homage to there Grime and Skate inspirations through a DIY, interactive exhibition. 

The independant London based brand formed organically, when founder and designer Joshua Scott printed T-Shirts for himself and friends to skate in through Summer. From this moment on, this Skate inspired approach has shaped and shifted into a developing streetwear brand. 

With the Skate Scene introduction, and the Grime Scene Development, DIY is down to Vented's core. From ScreenPrinting T-Shirts at home to Hand-Casting AshTrays in the Garden - We are continually paying homage to our inspirations through our Product Finishing, Content Creation and Organic Approach.

Another theme I wish to keep prominent in the brand is Social Commentary, this is reflecting on and commenting on social or political problems. The idea is to use the voice of the brand to help reinforce the voice of Londoners, this is another element I developed from my interest in Grime as it follows the style of using your platform to express an opinion. One of my end goals from the start has been to try and bridge communication between different cultures and classes within London as I feel communication between those who know the real problems of London

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