I don't feel comfortable telling you who I am so I'll let these snapshots from the internet do it... 

IGGY is an idea by artist Jack Greer. The clothing line began in the Summer of 2016 featuring illustrations that boasted a tongue in cheek attitude towards brands, authority, politics, and people.  The community-based identity of the brand is for individuals to gather and express their support for each other, subculture, marginalized groups in society through graphic illustrations on T Shirts and a growing array of cut and sew garments.  Disdain for unchecked authority and the Police State is a common theme as well as the unification of people in a fragmented society. 

From the mind of artist Jack Greer comes Iggy. Since its 2016 launch, Iggy has offered original illustrated graphic designs that recall the playfully twisted, cynically clever, anti-authoritarian mindset that streetwear was built on, along with a range of artful cut and sew garments. Whether you can remember the days when mainstream acceptability was the last thing streetwear was associated with, or are discovering these subculture roots for the first time, Iggy will feel like a genuine breath of fresh air.

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26 2nd Avenue
#4R 10003


Sales Contact

Jack Greer
Tel: +1 (0) 1 310 7809595

Press Contact

Jack Greer
Tel: +1 (0) 1 310 7809595

UK Stockists

Dover Street Market
Slam City Skates

International Stockists

Amigos, Barcelona
Apple Butter, Fukoaka
Backdoor/Supply, Tokyo
Beamhill, Helsinki
Bodega, Boston & Los Angeles
Bonkers, Frankfurt
btsn, Web & Munich
Caliroots / Web & two stores. Stockholm & Gothenburg
Dover Street Market, Singapore, Tokyo, New York,
Domicile, Tokyo
Dropouts, Brisbane
Gym Standard, San Diego
Lab, Taipei
Loading Store, Hong Kong
Min-Nano, Tokyo
Note, Manchester
Nozbone, Paris
Oktober, Moscow
One Block Down, Milano
Prov, Tokyo
Streetmachine, Copenhagen
Supreme, Los Angeles, New York, & Paris
The Good Company, New York
Token, New York
Trés Bien, Malmö
Warped, Seoul
Waiting Room, Taipei