PAPERMEN began life on Savile Row with eight formative years of classical training as a coat maker, during which the ideas and identity of PAPERMEN evolved. The impact of this training is clear in PAPERMEN and in the subtle attention to detail present throughout the process of making. PAPERMEN combines tradition with modernity and in doing so celebrates the maker's relationship with craftsmanship and with the machine. 

The collections challenge tradition, respect processes and the possibilities of design, engaging with a conscious and subconscious exploitation of clothes to morph and transform identity. References within the garments' design are drawn from the modern world, engaging in conversations with social history, nature and familiar daily forms.

There is an essential modern aesthetic at play in PAPERMEN, a struggle at the boundary between uniformity and individuality. Simple lines, shapes and tones give a utilitarian feel, creating garments which challenge or collaborate with the people who wear them. Each collection interrogates mass urban living and the universal social desire to self-define.

Newton Court
London E3 4QW

Sales Contact

Yuko Fujita
Tel: +44 (0) 79 7342 9177

Press Contact

Rachel Parris
Tel: +44 (0) 75 0555 8034

International Stockists

L’Échoppe – Tokyo
Tomorrowland – Tokyo
Laisser-Faire – Nagasaki
Evergrey – Fukuoka
Maiden – Tokyo
Graphpaper – Tokyo
Mathematics – Tokyo
N id – Tokyo
Iamshop, South Korea
John Bull – Tokyo
Loftman – Tokyo
Opening Ceremony ­– Tokyo
Musée des Arts – Tokyo
Raesthete – China
Mindspring – Nantucket, USA