419 Collective

419 Collective comprises three London-based menswear designers, Daniel Olatunji, Foday Dumbuya and Olubiyi Thomas, who are the respective founders of Monad London, Labrum London, and Olubiyi Thomas. Taking its name from the section of the Nigerian criminal code relating to fraud, 419 works to reevaluate the perception of African fashion. The cornerstone of all three brands is the use of artisanally crafted materials across their collections, which find common ground in the sharp tailoring for which the continent is renowned. 419 Collective will be present during London Fashion Week Men's as part of 1 Granary's VOID project. The exhibition, on display at the BFC Showspace, presents the work of six independent designers through the eyes of six prominent creative directors and their teams. 419 Collective worked with art director Olu Odukoya and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, who delved into the cultural significance of the number ‘419', employing the creative ingenuity of the fraudster to explore what it means to produce a ‘fraudulent garment'.

Labrum London by Foday Dumbuya, labrumlondon.com

Monad London by Daniel Olatunji, monadlondon.com

Olubiji Thomas @olubijithomas



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