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From Egyptian roots to London where the brand has been based since 2016, Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf create designs that pay tribute to their heritage. Ancient Egypt combines with modern expression for a new kind of storytelling.


The designers spent two years working with metalworkers and smiths in Cairo's historic crafts district of Khan el-Khalili before launching their debut collection of jewellery. And upon graduating from the prestigious London College of Fashion, Ahmed and Daki were endorsed by HM Government for the Graduate Entrepreneur scheme to scale up their business out of the UK.


Today, in 2018, the brand debuts Amarna, the first bag collection. Made between Egypt, Italy, Spain, these timeless Art-Object pieces combine artisanal tradition with the latest technology in manufacture. Ancient Egypt is transposed as a new design language, the expression entirely modern.


A question Sabry Marouf ask themselves is: "Where will our pieces be in 100 years' time?" The notion of timeless, cherished objects distinguishes their philosophy. Like treasures from a royal tomb, Sabry Marouf pieces have a feeling of being discovered. Beguiling and coded, these modern day artefacts become talismans in their wearer's story.


Sabry Marouf was endorsed by Vogue Talents in 2016 as an emerging designer. The brand has shown at Milan Fashion Week; London Fashion Week for the British Fashion Council's International Showcase at Somerset House and has shown at Paris Fashion Week part of the UKFT Showrooms.


115 Mare St.
London E8 4RU


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Daki Marouf
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