‘Garderobe' stems from medieval English meaning to hold and protect clothes and treasured possessions. Today it has come to mean wardrobe in many European languages all over the world. Centuries later and still it stands guard over all that we treasure and hold dear. A wardrobe, in its own right, holds great mystery, a place of mythical adventure. A doorway to which only you hold the key, providing you with the very armour that protects us against the elements and gives you strength to lead the way. Garderobe is a London based design house that thinks internationally and is inspired by the universe over, creating in its own sense a parallel world that best represents our true selves. The Label's design studio is based in Institute place, East London, which lends itself well to the brands ethos of inspired thinking. Every Garderobe garment is made with great consideration. It's designed to represent a spirit, not just a moment, and is created to become a trusted part of your adventure. We only ask that you make every piece your own. We invite you to come as you are and leave as you will.

33 The Academy
Institute Place
London E8 1JZ

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Mark Strudwick
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Chris Mossom
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Claudia Sodano
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